Fleurus, the best stories

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For this project, we had to design the whole sound, beginning with casting the actors, in collaboration with the production company. Then, we recorded the voices. When editing, we had to choose the right sound designs, to enhance the story without diverting the attention of the listener, just like radio dramas. We had to do the mixing too, in stereo.

The final product is very luxurious, it is an illustrated storybook, with the audio CD on which the story is told.

We worked on 4 volumes in this collection.

Alike, we also realised books which are totally digital, with interactivity, available on smartphones and tablets. You have to listen to the story, and to make it goes on by activating icons, delivering a sound. For example, we worked on the collection “imagery for the youngest”, with themes as the Bible, the infant school, the sea or the mountain.

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